Monthly Archives: August 2011

Data Roaming Charges Torpedoed

Slash Pounds Off Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

The arrival of mobile phones back in the 1980’s saw the birth of truly mobile communications for the everyday user. In fact, it would be fair to say that many of today’s media companies owe their very existence to mobile phones. The real fly in the ointment for many of us is the cost of data roaming. Continue reading

Beer Hounds…

…Sniffing out Beer for Punks

Launched in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog, takes a somewhat unique stance in the UK brewing industry concentrating on carefully crafting what they label “Beer for Punks”.  These eclectic concoctions use only the finest natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, additives or pastuerisation.  The beers are usually amazingly hoppy, often very strong (frequently around 10% ABV and, in the case of “Sink the Bismarck”, brewed in a friendly rivalry with a German brewer to claim the title of strongest beer in the world, a whopping 41% ABV) but all are taste sensations designed to put a rocket up the backside of the mainstream companies selling unimaginative, characterless, chemical rubbish. Continue reading

Cheap Train Tickets

Train travel stirs up some powerful images: columns of steam rising from the engine, children and adults alike smiling as they leave the station, weeping ladies waving white handkerchiefs as they bid their loved ones farewell! Sadly, the days of steam power and cheap tickets are pretty much behind us. Traveling anywhere by rail gets more and more expensive every year. But wait! There are still ways to find cheap train travel offers (and you don’t need to dig for them – we’re going to do that for you). Continue reading