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Cheap Train Tickets

Train travel stirs up some powerful images: columns of steam rising from the engine, children and adults alike smiling as they leave the station, weeping ladies waving white handkerchiefs as they bid their loved ones farewell! Sadly, the days of steam power and cheap tickets are pretty much behind us. Traveling anywhere by rail gets more and more expensive every year. But wait! There are still ways to find cheap train travel offers (and you don’t need to dig for them – we’re going to do that for you). Continue reading

17 Ways To Save On Your Holidays

Holiday Savings Galore For The Frugal Traveller

Holidays don’t come cheap even with the slew of low cost airlines offering cheap flights to the European continent and beyond. Fuel prices are forcing up the cost of travelling regardless of where you’re going and how you plan to get there. Schools have effectively vetoed your chances to getting away for some out of season fun in the sun. Cue our list of 17 ways for you bargain hunters to chip away at the price of your next holiday. Continue reading

Cheap Petrol And Diesel Prices

Beat The Fuel Price Rise!

If you’re a car owner it would seem that you’ve never had it so bad! Fuel prices are soaring ever higher, road tax goes up every year and, ironically, insurance companies seem to want to price us off the road. In a world where centralised normally means cheap the cost of fuel is going against the grain. If you’re after low cost diesel or cheap petrol; local is the way to go. If you’re an armchair petrol head you can stop reading now! Continue reading

Ways To Save On Your Holidays

Money Is No Object When It Comes To Holidays!

Or is it? We at CodeFerretknow that cheap holidays are hard to come by. There are plenty of low cost airlines that will fly you to just about any destination in the world (as long as you don’t want to land at a main airport). But, whilst the flights may be the least of your concerns, the cost can soon add if you’re not careful. Continue reading