How to Choose High Heeled Shoes

Going toe to toe with your high heels?

If you’re one of the many heel loving ladies out there, then here is a truly golden piece of advice when perusing the shoe aisles.

The heel chooses the woman, the woman doesn’t choose the heel!

If I stated golden advice at the beginning of this article then this statement is more diamond encrusted. This tip will save your beautiful dainty feet an awful lot of hardship and dare I even mention the “B” word? Well perhaps I will only whisper the word “Bunion”.

Yes it’s true we see the shoe, pop our foot in, we like the colour, we like the height and of course the price! But, if the arch of the shoe isn’t sitting neatly against the arch of your foot then it’s time to run away whilst you still can!

Price of course can sometimes enter into it, yet really it all boils down to the curve of the shoe’s arch. Inexpensive shoes tend to have a very crude curve on the arch. And you’ll spot it immediately as there will be a gap between the arch of your foot and that of the shoe.

So, the moral of the story? Try, try and try ‘em on and, until the shoes fit, don’t wear ’em!

Ironically, if you apply this rule, it becomes so much easier to actually walk in high heels as opposed to balancing in them!

Best foot forward now.

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