Love Designer Sunglasses? But Not The price? Read On

Chic shades are a welcome addition to any wardrobe and can give that all important feeling of being oh so cool. However, for such a small fashion accessory the price can often soar into the hundreds. Not to mention losing them, breaking them etc. Which if you want to maintain your edge can be problematic in terms of your purse.

As well as topping off your outfit, sunglasses, also protect your eyes from the development of cataracts. Which happens through too much exposure to the suns rays and is only remedied by a costly surgical procedure. So not wearing sunglasses is not an option.

To save your purse some stress don’t be afraid of purchasing cheap sunglasses. The key here is to look at the tag and make sure that it is stamped with the initials C.E. Which stands for “Certificate of Excellence” and proves that the product, in this case sunglasses, have been tested and fully provide Polaroid protection for the wearer.

Another key point is to check the lens. Even the tiniest of scratches will allow U.V light to pour through the lens and thus affect the eye. So remember to check them regularly for any little scrapes caused perhaps by a grain of sand! And if you’ve been frugal in your purchase it won’t hurt your pocket to replace your sunnies more regularly than if you’d splashed out on an expensive brand.