Want A Better Mobile Phone?

Then get savvy with your mobile service provider.

Long standing customers can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to nice shiny brand new perks like cool smart phones and great cameras with top mega pixel ability.

The best deals always seem to be showered on new customers who get all of the special treatment.

So, what to do?

Well firstly, don’t upgrade before your current contract runs out. That’s pretty much the golden rule in terms of bargaining power with your mobile phone company. When you’re out of contract you can, in their eyes, wander off into the hands of one of their competitors and they definitely don’t want that! So let your contract run out and they’ll work all the harder at making sure that you sign back up with them again.

Secondly, shop around for your ideal phone and get an idea of what other service providers are offering it for, fee-wise, before you make the all important call to the upgrades department.

Thirdly, their record keeping only stems back some two or perhaps even three years. So if you’ve been with them for longer, don’t be shy about telling them during your conversation.

And lastly never underestimate the power of being nice, those lovely upgrade people wield more power than they ever let on. So be nice!

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